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Marketing ServicePak

The world is your oyster and as an author, you should not be reined in by limitations when it comes to choosing a marketing package for your book.

As such, BookWhirl has put together a selection of packages jam-packed with services that are time-proven in grabbing attention for your book and generating sales. The Marketing Campaign ServicePak unites the forces of its advertising and publicity tools for a book marketing campaign that is truly unlike anything you have experienced before. Through these packages, an expansive and intensive 6-month campaign becomes possible.

Through the Marketing Campaign ServicePak, we offer you the best of what we have. All you have to do is take it.

Service Levels, Features & Rates

Saver - $5,299
Web Design Lite
Book Trailer - 30 sec. w/o VO
Media Release Campaign 1000
ForeWord Clarion Book Review - Standard

Professional - $7,099
Web Design Avante
Book Trailer - 60 sec. w/o VO
ForeWord Magazine - double slot ad
Print Materials - 250 business cards, 250 bookmarks, 250 postcards, 10 posters
Media Release Campaign 3000
Kirkus Book Review Standard
Book Exhibit Service - National

Elite - $11,899
Web Design Professional
Book Trailer - 60 sec. w/o VO
ForeWord Magazine - half-page solo ad
Print Materials - 500 business cards, 500 bookmarks, 500 postcards, 15 posters
Media Release Campaign 3000
Kirkus Book Review Standard
Book Exhibit Service - National

The Marketing Campaign ServicePak delivers results so you'll get closer to your goals of being a successful and famous author.

How It Works:

  1. If you want to sign up for any of the Marketing Campaign ServicePak packages, contact our Publishing and Marketing team through our email address: or give us a ring at our numbers: 1 (877) 207 1679 or 1 (800) 852 4249 (fax).
  2. Our Publishing Post-Fulfillment Officer will facilitate your order and will get in touch with the production department for its accomplishment.
  3. A status report will be made and submitted to you upon the completion of the process.

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