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Book Specialty Marketing

Affordable advertising? Why not? knows that every self-published author wants the best book marketing strategy. That's why we came up with book specialty marketing services that are effective, extensive, and affordable.

Book Exhibit Service

Throw A Stronger Marketing Punch!’s bundled Book Exhibit gives every self-publish author the opportunity to have their books featured at various shows and get close to thousands of readers, literary enthusiasts, librarians, and agents. READ MORE

Book Trailer

Over 3 billion videos are viewed everyday. How do you make your book trailer standout? gives you the opportunity to have the biggest breakthrough of your book marketing campaign. READ MORE

The New York Review of Books

Feature your book in a premier literary magazine where great minds meet and discuss world issues.

The New York Review of Books (NYRB) is a fortnightly magazine that features articles on literature, culture, and current affairs. Esquire described NYRB as, "the premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language." READ MORE

ForeWord Magazine and Clarion Review Marketing

Advance your marketing and publicity campaign with the only premier magazine that features reviews exclusively from the self-publishing market.

Success in self-publishing involves a good mix of staple strategy of marketing and publicity. That's why is offering the ForeWord Magazine and Clarion Review Marketing Deals. READ MORE

Radio TV Interview Report

Drum up your book marketing campaign via's RTIR Marketing Service! READ MORE

Bookmarks Magazine Service

Exposure through the prestigious literary publication Bookmarks Magazine as well as excellent ad copywriting and designing services—these are in store for you in our Bookmarks Magazine Service. READ MORE

Book Marketing Creatives - Print Materials

Complete your book marketing campaign with these must-have creative materials. READ MORE

Ingram Advance Catalogs

Choose the marketing approach that suits your books the best through advertising in the Ingram Advance Catalogs of the Ingram Content Group. You can feature your books and reach out to a general audience through the Advance catalogs, or cater to your own niche readers through the genre-specific Supplements catalogs.

Aside from ad space in these catalogs, this service also includes excellent copywriting and design services.READ MORE

Book-to-Screen service

Give your readers the chance to enjoy the filmmaker’s vision of your book through one of our book marketing services: Book-to-screen service (BSS).

With a thorough review from the professional reviewers, your book can be the next to be identified and discovered to have a diamond-in-the-rough idea that can convert your written words into a blockbuster movie. The analysis covers your book’s characters, storyline, dialogue, premises, and your story’s strengths and weaknesses.

You all deserve a chance to be at the big screen. With BSS, you also get the opportunity to connect with a reputable film production company. READ MORE

eMagazine Advertising

eMagazine service provides authors the chance to be featured on BTS eMag so that they can gain more confidence about their masterpieces. It enables every author to make an impression that lasts among online readers of BTS eMag. READ MORE

Author Video Interview

Reach out to your Readers by expressing yourself in the most genuine and personal setting. BookWhirl presents the Author Video Interview which will promote the author and his book through a video interview which will be shared over numerous social media platforms. READ MORE

  • An interactive video lets you communicate in a more emotional and personal environment.
  • You can promote your book and yourself as an author through the interview.
  • The Web Video can be posted and shared to many social media platform which means you get extensive promotion.
  • The Audience appreciates a moving visual of the author to make them feel as though they are meeting him or her personally.

Online Interview

Get your book on everybody’s radar. The Web is the most accessible stage you can promote your book on and what better way to do it by posting a video interview online! Grab your audience attention and gain more followers by getting your work featured on the most universal platform today. Through’s Online Interview you can avoid all the unnecessary hassles and expenses of having to shoot Live Interviews in production studios. READ MORE

  • Online Interview is an efficient alternative for expensive Live Interviews in production studios.
  • You bypass the high costs of producing television commercials for your book.
  • You can interact more with your readers online.
  • Increase audience awareness through the video’s circulation online.
  • Drive a large amount of traffic to your website.

Video Book Review

Endorse it all out and get them all in! A good word goes a long way and a little endorsement can lead to big success. Avail BookWhirl’s Video Book Review service and get reviewed, interviewed and spotlighted. We’re tapping all media platforms for an all-around endorsement, from your very own video book review to a written interview and sneak peek on Reader’s Entertainment Magazine. READ MORE

  • The Video will drive in more traffic to your site and help you achieve higher visibility on Google.
  • A positive feedback from a professional reviewer will enhance your credibility and reputation.
  • You will increase your appeal to the target readers with the right endorsement.
  • You get both written and audio-visual book public endorsement.
  • It’s a 3-in-1 delight endorsement by a reviewer, a published interview and sneak peek on a well-known magazine.

Publishers Weekly Project

Your Success is our latest project! Get the complete marketing package and save up on the cost. Publishers Weekly Project will provide you with all the marketing essentials to boost your book’s reputation. We got your back and we’re taking you forward! READ MORE

  • Publishers Weekly is a reputable American weekly trade news magazine and getting your book featured in the publication will enhance its reputation.
  • You will get featured in a mixture of credible ad listing from Publishers Weekly Select and our imprints.
  • Rather than buying individual ala carte services, you can save hundreds of dollars in availing this package which also includes generous discounts.
  • You don’t have to go through all the taxing process of filling-out forms and submitting several requirements. Just provide the initial requirements and details and we’ll do all the work for you.


Mark your words and meet marketing success! Book Signings are one of the most genuine marketing approaches to selling your book. BookWhirk’s Autographing service will have you featured in a professionally organized Book Signing event. By meeting your target audience personally, you form a significant bond with them and gain their support in the process. Grab the opportunity to personally endorse and sell your book to your readers. READ MORE

  • A chance to inspire and better understand the book’s target demographics.
  • Personal appearance paired with convictions surpasses any form of book marketing strategy.
  • Gather an On-the-spot first hand response from audience.
  • Word-of-Mouth is the best marketing/publicity as a result from book signing.
  • Instant Distribution and free merchandising.
  • Readers feel close and personal with an author they've met, and often show the signed book to friends and family members.
  • Additional publicity by being highlighted in Posters and Ads in the event of your book signing.

Foreign Book Rights

Explore success in foreign grounds and make your book available to the international market. BookWhirl’s Foreign Book Rights service will help you sell your book rights to let you earn royalties from higher book sales. Selling your book rights will double your revenue, not only do you get paid for the rights but you also get royalties from having your book sold to a broader market. READ MORE

  • Large Scale Exposure. Once a foreign buyer invests into your book, your marketing exposure will exceed national boundaries.
  • Higher Revenue. The more your book is made available in other places, the more people will buy it therefore bringing in higher book sales.
  • Convenient Transactions. With the right guide and selling platform, the buying and selling process will be a breeze.
  • Multiple Offering. You can sell several aspects of your book: e-book rights in various formats, rights to chunks of information such as chapters, rights to enhanced digital editions, and more.

Peek-a-Page Widget

A little peek goes a long way!
Pique your readers’ interests by giving them a sneak peek of your story’s pages. Show them a snippet of your book through a realistic page-flipping animation. Nothing catches a reader’s eye better than a unique and creative presentation of a story. BookWhirl’s Peek-a-Page Widget offers a whole new reader experience that will get them hooked on your book and is guaranteed to increase marketability. READ MORE

  • Creative Visual Presentation. Catch your reader’s eye with the realistic page-flipping animation of your book and entertain them with embedded videos, audio clips, and links to other pages or relevant websites.
  • Direct Book Promotion. You can provide the links to leading online sellers on the application to make it easy for your readers to purchase a copy of your book. You can also connect the widget to your personal website.
  • Target Market Interaction. Engage your target readers in an online discussion.
  • Convenient Information Delivery. The Flip-a-Page Widget will serve as your reader’s source of information about your book.

On-Screen Advertising

It’s time to hit the big time with BookWhirl’s On-Screen Advertising. Take your marketing campaign to the big screen by getting your own Pre-roll Ad shown in Cinema. Leave a lasting impression by letting your story hit theaters. READ MORE

  • Cheaper Cost. Theater Pod Slots don’t come cheap but BookWhirl is giving you flexible options to cut down on cost. We’re breaking down the offered packages in specific categories so you can have a more budget-friendly selection.
  • Bigger Exposure. Your Pre-roll Ad will be shown 1,200 times on average during a 4-week campaign in the cinema(s) of your choice.
  • Better Audience. Movie-goers are more likely to engage with your Ad because there are no distractions in the cinema setting. You also gain more diversity with your market as people from all walks of life will watch a movie.
  • More Marketing Materials. Aside from your very own Pre-Roll Ad, you also have the option to purchase a Poster Ad Standee and have it displayed in the Cinema Lobby in the duration of your campaign.

Blog Tour

Book your Book Promotion!
Let the big names online endorse yours. Penetrate the online market through blog guesting. Have your book promoted on various blogs and websites in a time period of your choice for maximum marketing exposure. Get your brand established and recognized by the online community. Your consumers are more likely to invest in your work when you’re sponsored by significant figures on the web. READ MORE

  • Online Exposure – More than half of Internet users research products online. And with the Internet being the most accessible source of information, you’re guaranteed to gain exposure by putting your work on this platform.
  • Online Visibility – Most consumers discover a brand by using a search engine. Getting your book promoted by several websites and blogs will increase your marketability and visibility in search engines. The more popular the blog you are promoted on, the higher your ranking is in search results.
  • Online Community – There’s no better way to build up credibility than by having equality credible figures behind your back. Each blog has its own set of followers who will potentially take an interest in you. Through a blog tour, you can gain your own set of followers via blog promotion.

TV Advertising

Channel your words through the most influential media platform- Television!
BookWhirl’s TV Ad Teaser allows you to advertise your work on TV to reach out to a broader audience and generate awareness to your brand. This lets you go beyond your target market and leave a more lasting impression in a larger scale. READ MORE

  • Airing of your very own 30-second Author Video Interview/ Book Teaser on National TV.
  • Targeted 10,000 spots TV Ad airing on major cable networks for a month in selected market areas with over 70 locations to choose from.
  • Campaign summary report with complete details of TV Ad airing to be submitted at the end of broadcast period.
  • Posting of your Ad in major online sites like Youtube for extended video promotion.

New York Times Media Blast

Market your book in full blast by promoting it on the most accessible media platforms. BookWhirl’s New York Times Media Blast will feature your book in one of the most broadly read publications in the US, New York Times Sunday Book Review. READ MORE

  • Publication Promotion – The New York Times Sunday Book Review has a readership of 1.7 million for each print issue, getting featured on this publication ensures you get maximum exposure.
  • Media Exposure – A customized press release about your book will be sent out to 1000 media outlets in Print, Broadcast and Online mediums.
  • Audience Impact – The Media Blast will extend your campaign to a much broader audience and will create a more lasting impact on your market.

LA Times Media Blast

Bookwhirl’s LA Times Media Blast will feature your book in one of the most widely read newspapers in the US. Get your book highlighted in a half page advertisement in LA Times Sunday Art & Book Section, and have it promoted in a full page ad in Uncaged eMagazine publication. Additionally, this service will register your book for easy catalog and tracking through LibraryThing book listing. A Press Release of your work will also be distributed to 1000 media outlets in print, broadcast and online platforms. READ MORE

  • Credible Endorsement – LA Times has a daily readership of 1.4 million and 2.4 million on Sunday, and 39 million in their website. This Pulitzer Prize-winning publication has been around for 134 years. Authors who are endorsed by this renowned paper will earn more credibility in their craft.
  • Online Endorsement – Uncaged eMagazine Publication is a well-known digital publication that will promote your book to online readers.
  • Media Exposure – A press release sent out to 1000 media outlets will extend your book exposure.
  • Book Listing – For easy catalog and tracking, LibraryThing will have your book listed as an entry in their archives.

International Book Trade

Bookwhirl’s International Book Trade lets you display and sell your book in four international book exhibits. Your book will be listed in the exhibit catalog and made available in the CBE Fair Buddy App for easy purchasing. A Press Release about your involvement will also be sent out to 1000 media outlets in the country to boost your marketing campaign. READ MORE

  • Broad Marketing Grounds – Each international book event will be attended by millions of potential book buyers, publishers, book sellers, distributors and industry professionals. You get the opportunity to directly sell and endorse your book to these people.
  • Online Marketing – Your book will be also be made available in an online app that will make it easy for readers to order and purchase copies of it.
  • Media Exposure – A press release sent out to 1000 media outlets will extend your book exposure.

Author Specialty Campaign

Bookwhirl’s Author Specialty Campaign lets you secure a regular placement in the most popular publications in the US. The editorial coverage will last for 4 months and will include endorsements from publications like USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. You will get featured in write ups that are related to your field of expertise and will be cited as a credible source in them. By getting third-party endorsement, you’ll further boost your credibility and authenticity as an author. READ MORE

  • Extends Market Reach – Reach out to more demographics by tapping into all kinds of media outlet. Through this service, you will get maximum exposure to your target market and will get the opportunity to attract new audiences.
  • Boosts Credibility – Third-party endorsement will drastically improve your reputation. A good word from legitimate publications will go a long way in increasing your popularity as an author.
  • Makes Connections – Strong media relations will give you the upper hand in promotions. Publicity through media is one of the most effective tools in selling your work.

Media Spotlight

Bookwhirl’s Media Spotlight service will feature you in an interview on a major TV network. Get the chance to talk about your book and your passion for writing. Convince the mass audience to invest in your work by showcasing your talent in literature. The TV Interview will guarantee to reach a large audience to whom you can deliver your message effectively. READ MORE

  • Extended Audience Reach - Tapping into TV will give you access to millions of viewers. This is your chance attract new demographics and convince them to support your literary works.
  • Credibility Boost - An endorsement from a major TV network will drastically improve your reputation. A good word from a reliable source will go a long way in increasing your popularity as an author.
  • Media Connections - Strong media relations will give you the upper hand in promotions. TV advertising, specifically, is one of the most effective ways to build your brand.

Responsive Media

Bookwhirl’s Responsive Media service is an extensive online advertising campaign that lets you promote your book ad on mobile apps and websites. This service lets you track people’s online activities based on their location, interest, and website browsing history. READ MORE

  • Social Targeting - Target users based on their online browsing history. You can review what websites users have visited or what mobile apps they have downloaded, then place your banner ads on those programs.
  • Proximity Targeting - Target users based on their location. You can target audience in a specific area and launch your campaign on those users.
  • Remarketing - Target users you have previously reached out to. You can retarget users who did not respond in your first promotional attempt to further convince them to check your work.

Animated Book Teaser

Bookwhirl’s Animated Book Teaser service provides an original animated video that can be used as a promotional branding tool for your book. The video will serve as an advertising aid for your marketing campaign. It can be broadcasted on all types of platform and can be used for all kinds of publicity events. Leave a quick but memorable impression on your audience! READ MORE

  • Whiteboard - Animation made up of whiteboard sketches that will directly deliver your campaign message to viewers.
  • Motion Graphics - Custom-made storyboard animation that utilizes modern special effects and adds audio effects for better audience impact.
  • 2D Animation - An original 2D animation which will include original characters and elements based off your story.
  • 3D Animation – A 3D animation that will incorporate realistic and special effects on the elements and characters based off your story.

Filmmaker Trailer

Bookwhirl’s Filmmaker Trailer is a brand video advertisement that’s designed to hook new people to your work. This service provides you with an original book trailer produced and created by a professional film crew. Have your words depicted on screen and interpreted by seasoned artists to deliver the core message of your story. READ MORE

Radio Advertising

Bookwhirl’s Radio Advertising lets you broadcast a snippet of your story to capture your target audiences’ attention. This service provides you with your very own 30-second audio teaser to be produced by expert voice talents and broadcasted by a national radio station. The audio teaser will be played frequently in 2-week duration for maximum audience reach. READ MORE

Linear Advertising

Bookwhirl’s Linear Advertising service lets you place pre-roll ads on videos and post banners on streaming websites. Pre-roll ads are short video clips that play just before the user can access another video content. These ads are strategically designed to promote your work articulately in a matter of seconds to keep up with consumers’ attention span, guaranteed to leave a memorable impression READ MORE

  • Online Exposure- Expand your market reach and convey your message with digital advertising via TV Commercial Internet Pre-roll Video and Banner Retargeting ads
  • Marketing Campaign- Acquire an average of 400,000 impressions within 1 month campaign

Library Advantage

Bookwhirl’s Library Advantage will give you the upper edge in marketing in the industry. This service will pitch your work to thousands of libraries in the US and promote it on various advertising platforms. Library Advantage offers a six month marketing campaign with non-stop promotional activities and features in literary events. The service will also include print and digital advertising to extend marketing exposure. READ MORE

  • Market your book to an average of 3000 Collection Development Departments and Acquisition Librarians nationwide (with a focus on your local area or state) for six months
  • Book Feature in Ingram Spotlight Ad for Adult Librarian News & Reviews
  • A total of 50 contacted librarians will agree to test your book

Digital Book Signboard

READ MORE Bookwhirl’s Digital Book Signboard will help you create a lasting impact on your audiences. Your work will be displayed on a digital billboard that’s strategically located in a crowded area. The electronic image will feature your book cover along with a creative marketing slogan. The static billboard ad will be presented in multiple rotations 24/7 for a whole month.

  • Promote your book through a digital billboard and penetrate a bigger market. Make a big, memorable statement through outdoor advertising.
  • Advertise your work 24 hours a day for a whole month.
  • Extend brand promotion through extensive Press Release distribution to selected media outlets using Bookwhirl’s Media Release Campaign.

Internet Publicity

READ MORE Bookwhirl’s Internet Publicity service has strategized a modern concept of improved branding exclusively for your manuscript. Double your work’s exposure hassle-free through our digital media resources. Advanced communication and access with your market online is now made easy without a hitch. Take over the search engine results to instantly climb up your business dependability. Get your book the credibility and exposure it deserves.

  • Let the Social Media Management take responsibility to keep you fresh and topical.
  • Better reviews are coming through our 1 Month of Author Blog Posting.
  • Eye-catching visuals are lined up through our Web Design services.

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