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Audiobook Conversion

Let your Words be heard.

Give your story a voice! Let your audience experience your story in a more intimate and personal way with BookWhirl’s Audiobook Conversion. Turn your written words into narrated lines and have them told by professional voice actors. Tap into the audiobook medium to connect with more people.

Audiobook Conversion

Features Price
  • 10,000 words Audiobook Conversion
  • Numerous professional voice actors to choose from
  • Royalty Free Music/Sound for the Intro/Outro & between chapters
  • 2 sets of Master CD’s and all chapters converted into High Quality MP3 files
  • A digital copy of your audiobook
  • Approximately 1 minute in length, Audio Trailer, fully produced
  • Availability of your audiobook through Audible, Amazon and Itunes
  • ISBN Registration

Note: Audiobook Conversion Additional Words: $0.140 per word.

With these packages, you get the ability to set its price. Please note that if you don’t specify a retail price, the default retail price will be $3.99 minimum in our website. For resellers, Audible will do the pricing, but you can set the price for the rest. Bookwhirl does not provide CD Duplication & Replication. Master CD Shipping is FREE for US only.

How It Works:

  1. You need to fill out BookWhirl’s Order Form and submit it along with the ebook format or MS Word file of the book.
  2. The Fulfillment Officer will then determine the total number of words for Audio Book Conversion and will provide the additional per word cost if your words exceed 10,000 (minimum number for the price).
  3. You must then select the voice actor of your preference.
  4. Take note that our price only includes the following:
    • 10,000 words conversion = 1 hr. of finished audio
    • 1 Voice Talent
    • 1 finished hr. for sound effects and background music
  5. Production TAT: 2-3 days/50,000 words book
    Distribution TAT: 3-4 weeks after production
  6. Re-Edits/Changes
    • Mispronounced words, or word omissions – NO CHARGES
    • Re-edits/Re-writes a part of the book – 0.140/per word
  7. Once Master CD has been delivered, audio trailer and digital copy of the audio will be delivered as well.

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