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Book Trailer Service

Book Trailer Service

Over 3 billion videos are viewed everyday. How do you make your book trailer standout? gives you the opportunity to have the biggest breakthrough of your book marketing campaign.

How a book trailer can do wonders:

  • You want to be found. Video search is definitely increasing. More and more people are getting into video channels.
  • Book sales and human connections are related. Undeniably, a creative and tasteful audio visual presentation will give your readers the closest feel about your book.
  • Drive significant traffic to your website. Effortlessly gain the interest of your targeted market.

A book trailer can make a great difference. employs professional video-editors from around the world to produce effective and tasteful book trailers that can surely make you standout in the competitive market.

It’s not just 60 seconds. It’s the perfect 60-second.

View our sample book trailer videos and see for yourself.

Package Basic Standard Premium
Price $1,399 $1,999 $3,299
Duration 30 sec. 60 sec. 120 sec.
HD Video
SFX Up to 2 sounds Up to 3 sounds Up to 4 sounds
Stock music 1 track 1 track 1 track
Image manipulation
Motion graphics
Stock photography Up to 4 images Up to 6 images Up to 10 images
Stock video footage Up to 1 videos Up to 2 videos Up to 3 videos
Distribution 5 10 15
  • Please take note that actual price is adjusted during actual work, basing on the number of music files, stock images, stock videos purchased and complexity of video-editing.

  • The client author will own all the rights to the book trailer and will be provided with the final video file to share with readers, friends, family and include in their marketing materials.

  • Your video will also be posted on our blog and YouTube channel.

For an affordable price, you can opt to have professionally done voiceovers for your book trailers.

30-seconder $299
60-seconder $399

The first round of revision is for free. Additional rounds of revision will cost $500.

We will only allow changes such as:
• simple text changes (adding/removing words)
• changes in font size
• book and/or author information corrections
• changes to audio levels
• image changes (provided by the author or if there is an offensive image)

Have a book trailer video like no other.

How It Works:

  1. Fill up the Order Form (OF) sent by our Marketing Consultant and attach the accomplished form with a digital image of the book cover on your reply. You can also download the Order Form found on our homepage and send it to
  2. will use the information in the OF and other provided materials to create an initial book trailer.
  3. After the creation of the book trailer’s screenplay and script, will send the storyboard for approval.
  4. When the storyboard is approved, will begin producing the book trailer.
  5. Once the initial preview is already available, it will be forwarded to the author incase of revisions and minor corrections.
  6. Once the book trailer has been approved, will then distribute the book trailer to different video channels.
  7. will not formally launch the book trailer unless the author is satisfied with the book trailer preview.
  8. will then provide a detailed and comprehensive Post Fulfillment Report to the author that the Book Trailer service has been launched.

Fill Out an Order Form.Click here!

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