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Book To Screen Service

Book-to-Screen Service

Leap unto the next big thing of fame as an author. Your book can be the next film by which trillions of people in the world get to admire. With BookWhirl's Book-to-Screen service, it can happen.

Book-to-Screen service (BSS) involves the reading of the material/manuscript by an experienced professional, an analysis of the material/manuscript's strengths and weaknesses and why would it make a good movie or not. This new service involves scrutinizing your manuscript from its cover, character, storyline, dialogue, and premise. It also involves a synopsis and a treatment.

Choose from Book-to-Screen service levels:

Book-to-Coverage - $599

Book-to-Coverage is known as readers' report and is consists of three basic sections: a cover sheet, synopsis and comments. It is a tool used in "the industry" as a way to weed out the myriad of novels and screenplays that pass over an executive's desk on any given day, and is an essential tool in story departments at agencies, studios and production companies throughout the world.

Take this opportunity to submit your qualified material to prospective agents, producers, and film companies.

Book-to-Treatment - $2,199

Take advantage of our Book-to-Treatment service and experience to get an essentially 7 to 10 page outline of your book's screenplay idea, broken down into concept, plot, and basic characters. This outline consists of clear ideas on what kind of story flow your book has; whether your characters are interesting and so engaging that they will keep the interest of viewers for half an hour or more.

Opt for Book-to-Treatment and have a short synopsis of your book that is solely focused on the main character's experience or path in the story. Witness how a clear, clever, and unique title that can draw more viewers and movie producers' interests.

Choosing this service gets your work to be registered in an online source/database for selling and scouting screenplays and movie concepts. Going through in this process can be your way to get selected by movie producers as they continue to seek variety of subjects, themes, and genres for film projects through a database.

Book-to-Screenplay - $14,299

While a book relies on strongly written narrative to paint a picture in the reader's mind; the screenplay functions best on dialogue and action to move the story along with almost no narrative intervening. Based on your book/novel's pivotal scenes, the seven or so most important characters, and the dialogue that fuels the plot; your work can be next item for screen play adaptation.

Leave a unique and more exciting moment to your readers when you convert your story into screenplay, a visual and an auditory medium.

Opt for this service and we will register your work in an online source/database for selling and scouting screenplays and movie concepts. Further, we are going to pitch your book to a movie producer whose business is in line with creative concept video production, post-production, multimedia and advertising services.

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How It Works:

  1. Fill up the Order Form (OF) sent by our Marketing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply. You can also download the Order Form found on our homepage and send it to
  2. Depending on what service level of our Book-to-Screen service you pick, our Marketing Service Representative will coordinate with the Fulfillment Officer to communicate with the screenwriters.
  3. Send us the copy of your manuscript should you wish to avail for our Full Service.

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