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Social Media Management

You mingle while we manage. We’ll get you all the likes, the shares and the followers you need to reach marketing success online. Branch out and grow your social circle with our social media campaign. Everyone is a potential client so socialize and succeed with Social Media Management.

Social Media Management

Service Levels Price

1 Channel Setup & Management

$1,989/3-month campaign

4 Channels Setup & 1 Channel Management

$2,169/3-month campaign

4 Channels Setup & Management

$4,959/3-month campaign


  • Social Media Management Assistance
    We will assign a social media specialist to guide you and coordinate with you through the entire duration of your 3-month campaign.
  • Author Guidance
    We will give you an overview of your campaign that will summarize what social media topics we will focus on and what you should expect from them.
  • Target Audience Identification
    We will collaborate with you in creating the message platform you want to send out to your identified target market.
  • Personal Editorial Calendar
    A weekly editorial calendar will be provided by your SM Specialist. It will outline the following: social media account outreach goals; preparation of book promotions and events; and inclusion of different marketing platforms.
  • Weekly Communication
    We will guide and consult you each week to establish the right approach with fans, followers and relevant dialogue.
  • Weekly Status Updates
    Each week, you will receive detailed reports of your social media status. Your SM specialist will study the data to verify the campaign’s effectivity and use it as reference to apply changes if necessary. We will provide a final report of your social media stats at the end of your 3-month campaign.

How It Works:

  1. You must first complete BookWhirl’s Order Form and submit it along with all the necessary materials like book cover, etc.
  2. Once materials are complete, we will then create your social media accounts:
    1. Creation Personal Accounts for Twitter & LinkedIn (if you don’t have them yet)
    2. Creation of Business Accounts/Pages for Facebook & Google+
  3. We will then send you our formulated Profile Cover and Banner Design for approval.
  4. We will determine your target audience based on your chosen target market specifics.
  5. You will be informed of the START Date of the 3-month Campaign.
  6. You will receive a weekly editorial calendar.
  7. There will be daily posting of 2-3 articles to 4 Social Media Accounts consecutively/simultaneously.
  8. Promotion Design and Copy (1 month marketing materials preparation is needed if author has book promotion or events)
  9. Weekly reporting of Social Media Analytics will be done every Friday of each week.
  10. Report Analysis
    1. Creating new strategy if needed
    2. Tweaking current strategy if needed

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