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Black & White


Whether you are planning to publish poetry, autobiography, fiction, or non-fiction, BookWhirl designs packages that satisfy your every desire. BookWhirl does not only provide a platform for your stories to be told but it also offers a cost-efficient manner of publishing your book. It presents an array of Black and White publishing packages that will surely answer any of your basic necessities in getting your book published.

Don’t miss this opportunity to let your name be indelibly imprinted in literature, avail our packages now!

The Dreamer package is the best way to begin your career as a writer. It is tailored to those who desire to publish a fiction or non-fiction book in a cost efficient way. Read more…

An upgrade of the Dreamer package, the Adventurer package aims to realize your dream of becoming a published writer. It is a package recommended for those who are serious in pursuing their passion.
Read more…

A package designed to let you captivate readers with the tapestry of written words. The Challenger package gives you a rare opportunity to touch people through the power of your words. Read more…

The Visionary package aims to render your visions and stories immortal. A package that let your visions and stories be read and re-read across generations. Read more…

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World Changer(BW)

Why fit in when you can stand out. Self-publishing is fiercely competitive. It is imperative to make your book outstanding to be victorious. Resist the temptation to settle for anything usual, so-so, and blunt. Let your book draw as many readers as possible through’s World Changer packages. Grab this opportunity to work with publishing experts, equally talented artists, and marketing strategists, who will make sure that your book steps up to the competition. World Changer packages also provide marketing materials such as postcards, posters, bookmarks, and the like that will surely draw numerous readers. You don’t spend sleepless nights in pouring your mind and heart out for nothing. That hard earned manuscript definitely deserves a complete publishing and marketing package—in the name of the World Changer.

Let your book be exceptional, choose from one of our World Changer packages:

Driven to transform your dream into reality –the Prodigy package was conceived. It aims to entrench your name in the self-publishing industry through aggressive marketing effort. Read more…

A package created to market your book to a wide array of media outlets. It generates ample noise to catch the attention of readers worldwide. Read more…

Bring you closer to your dream-that’s what we had in mind when we created the Marvel Package. This package aims to make your book look appealing and available through worldwide distribution. Read more…

A package designed to make your book the next in the line-up of famous self-published books. This package enables you to actualize your potential of becoming a prominent self-published writer. Read more…

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Word Smith challenges the common assumption that you have to spend thousands of dollars to get self-published. The Wordsmith is introduced to ensure that your tales are told and ideas are conveyed even if you have a limited budget. Those who have limited budget can still realize their dream of becoming a published author through availing either the Wordsmith Solo Package or the Wordsmith Duo Package. Wordsmith Solo is suitable for those who want to publish either a fiction or non-fiction novel that is purely on paperback. Those who desire to publish a fiction or non-fiction novel on both hardcover and paperback can avail the Wordsmith Duo.

Let your stories be read and reread, choose from one of our packages!

A package tailored to those who desire to publish either a fiction or non-fiction novel, but have limited budget. It aims to ensure that a limited budget will not come in the way of your dream of becoming published. Read more…

Getting published at an affordable price--that’s what the Wordsmith Duo offers to writers. It has made what was once deemed as impossible into possible. Read more…

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Book Production Ala Carte Services

Every author wants a personal touch for his masterpiece. From copyediting, advance layout and formatting, illustrations, registrations, to copyrights, we’ve got you all covered.

Take a look at our reasonably priced ala carte services.


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