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Full Color


Images possess an allure that draws kids, photo enthusiasts, and readers to your book. These images lend a certain distinct trait that renders your stories more vibrant and alive. BookWhirl’s full color publishing packages are crafted with the consideration of your desire to publish children’s book, or photo book, or any book that includes illustration, color, texture, and detail.

A package tailored for those who want to pursue writing as a career. This package is the best way to begin your journey towards becoming a successful self-published writer. Read more…

Designed to deliver high quality results at an affordable price, the Adventurer package realizes the writer’s dream to immerse their readers into words and images. Read more…

Your dream of becoming published is within grasp through the Challenger package. This package is suitable for those who refuse to let their dreams become a fantasy. Read more…

A package designed to make you the next big name in the self-publishing industry. It offers materials that guarantee that your book is marketed to individuals in different walks of life. Read more…

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World Changer FC

Whether you are a photographer, or author of children’s book, or somebody who want to render stories and ideas astounding, we have a wide array of full-color packages that you can choose from. As someone who thrives in generating ideas, we give you full creative reign on the design and image features of the book. This is to ensure that your book looks exactly as you envision it. Gone were the days when asserting creative control of your book is inhibited. Take control. Select one from our four Full Color packages and let your stories and ideas finally come to life.

Take this opportunity to publish the book that you envision. Choose from our Full Color Packages.

A package that aims to let you publish the book of your dreams. Prodigy is suitable for those who want to publish children’s book, graphic novel, photo book, and any book that requires dazzling color. Read more…

An upgrade of the Prodigy, the Sensation package offers writers an opportunity to customized their book and market it to as many individuals as possible. Read more…

A package that promises to deliver extraordinary results. The Marvel package provides you with the most appropriate tools to design your book, market it, and distribute worldwide. Read more…

Features of this package prove unrivaled in others. The Phenomenon packages promises to take self-publishing industry by storm as it offers tools to guarantee that your book stands out. Read more…

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Transport your readers to a whole new world. Let a new adventure unravel before their eyes through words and images. recognizes your desire to publish children’s books, photo books, and books that involve illustration, color, texture, and detail. The Artist-Prestige Package and Artist-Renown Package were introduced to satisfy your heart’s every desire.

Don’t let your tales be untold, avail our packages and be a published author.

A package designed to transport your readers to a new realm at an affordable price. It is suitable for writers who have limited budget but who have good stories to tell. Read more…

An opportunity to let your stories be read and reread-that’s what this package promises to deliver. It satisfies your desire to captivate readers through words and images. Read more…

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Book Production Ala Carte Services

Every author wants a personal touch for his masterpiece. From copyediting, advance layout and formatting, illustrations, registrations, to copyrights, we’ve got you all covered.

Take a look at our reasonably priced ala carte services.


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