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Author Testimonials

We want to Hear from You.

Satisfied with your experience with us? Your ratings and reviews would tell us.

Let us know your thoughts.

Read our client's feedback on our services. Our Author Testimonials page is especially dedicated to give you a glimpse of our customers' experience in working with us. guarantees full quality service, and out of the box creativity that would strengthen your self-publishing journey.

Learn from our clients, and get your books a smashing hit on the market. We won't give up until you are wooed. In, customer satisfaction is a priority.

Take advantage of our service now, and experience self-publishing in dedicated and full time service.

Anthony Nunno “ Your crew is amazing! ”

“ Neatness coupled with creativity. ”

- Anthony Nunno , on’s Publishing Services.

Nov. 8, 2014

Stuart R. Schwartz “ Bookwhirl Publishing has met my expectations and has delivered as promised. I am especially satisfied with the technical abilities and care provided by their customer assistance and production departments. Each question and request has been answered in an expeditious manner. As promised, royalties are distributed in a timely fashion and reflect the highest amount available to the authors, 100% as agreed. ”

- Stuart R. Schwartz , author of A Wit's World on’s Book Publishing.

Sept. 4, 2014

Gail Soberg-Sorenson “ We had some fits and starts at the beginning of our business together in getting "Life After Death" ready for publication and it is certainly true that I have been irritating and nearly impossible to work with and for that you have my most humble apology. But once we understood each others desires and expectations we came together to produce a novel that is worthy and lacking in mundanity.

This project took a lot of hard work on your part and that of your staff to get it to what it is today. The graphics people did a superb job on the cover, front and back. The enterior is attractive with special additions that make it splendid. The web page is done well, attractive and eye catching. The post cards are remarkable and will do very well to promote the sale of the book. The shipping of the books and post cards was done is beyond normal standard, well packaged and protected. The ad on your website is superior to any I have seen before. ”

- Gail Soberg-Sorenson, author of Life After Death on’s Book Publishing.

Dec. 9, 2013

Michael Edward Little “I am the author of a historical Western titled Twelve Quiet Men. My book took me ten years to research, write, and then publish in several editions. This was my first book effort. I am a self-published author with no experience, no agent, and no promotional experience. Until BookWhirl came along my book was the best kept secret in America. Since I began working with Book Whirl thousands of folks know about my book. This in and of itself is a major accomplishment and I’m happy as can be.

- Michael Edward Little, author of Twelve Quiet Men on’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign and Web Design.

Jan. 18, 2013

Susan Stiles “Excellent write up and layout, Everything has been great. Customer service has been very prompt and reliable, which I admire in your company.”

- Susan Stiles, author of Patent Professional's Handbook on’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign.

Dec. 10, 2012

Susan Stiles “The flier looks great and impressive. Please convey my sincere appreciation to your colleagues who worked on it…I must say that your team at (the) Bookwhirl has done a thorough and excellent professional job for the promotion of this book.”

- Sati Achath, author of Hollywood Celebrities on’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign on the factors that made him market his book with

- Date added: August 23, 2011

The Pounce Theory "Great reach to an audience, with low cost to start. No false promised regarding publicity, just numbers to justify a marketing campaign."

"A great flyer to email to 1M people and a comprehensive web site for purchase links, counter for traffic and blog space. Also any other marketing materials I could use for personal use (i.e. book signings, etc.)"

"Very professionally laid out and relatively a quick turnaround."

- Blaze Bhence, author of The Pounce Theory on’s Web Design Service and E-mail Advertisement Campaign.

- Date added: June 02, 2011

Matthew Edward Schatmeyer "I am VERY impressed with your professionalism, and personal attention, and creativity of your design team."

- Matthew Edward Schatmeyer, author of ballooning in stars on’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign.

- Date added: May 19, 2011

Norman S. Pratt "Your product is excellent. I am delighted with your services and would recommend BookWhirl to other authors."

"I am very pleased with your work. You were very responsive to my review comments, and your product is magnificant."

- Norman S. Pratt, author of NOBLE CONFLICT: A VIETNAM WAR NOVEL and PEARLS FOR THE MOMENT: Things We Should Have Learned a Long Time Ago on’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: April 15, 2011

Thomas J. Gilgut Jr. "A friendly and intelligent phone call from Melissa Adams. Thanks, Melissa!"

"I've had conversations with Melissa, Cindy and Jay and have found them to be bright and well-informed."

- Thomas J. Gilgut Jr., author of Spiritual Guide for Today, on the factors that made him market their book using’s Email Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: April 28, 2011

Twin Reflections “The staff has been friendly, eager to assist, (and) knowledgeable and (it was) easy to convey my expectations.”

- Sherri Leach, author of Twin Reflections, on’s Web Design service

- Date added: September 14, 2010

Janice Lorigan “BookWhirl(.com) is competent and efficient and provides an important service (to) authors.”

- Janice Lorigan, author of High Fructose Corn Syrup and the Fibromyalgia Connection, on’s services

- Date added: August 10, 2010

Dana Marie Booker “Yes. We are pleased with your service. Regardless of the customer’s frustration, you were always professional. Doing business with ( has been wonderful.”

- Dana Marie Booker, author of Family Secrets, on’s services

- Date added: March 29, 2010

Jackie Carpenter “Thank you, for all the effort and hard work that you did on my behalf regarding my first book, "The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91". Not only were you so professional in your approach, but you (were) also personally concerned about how well my book is doing and I, doing everything possible that can be done to make sure my book is a success."

- Jackie Carpenter, author of The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91, on the services provided to her by

- Date added: March 18, 2010

Dr. Nate Lowe “I am extremely pleased with your services and feel I can recommend you to others without hesitations or reservations. Just continue to provide service to others as you have done for me.”

- Dr. Nate Lowe, co-author of To Be Somebody, on the services provided to him by

- Date added: March 8, 2010

The Treasure Hunt “…The apparent genuineness/commitment of contacts at (”

- Rolic Oboh, author of The Treasure Hunt, on the factors that made his market her book with

- Date added: March 10, 2009

WILLIAM B. HOUZE “(I) would recommend (it) to all.”

- WILLIAM B. HOUZE, author of the book A Life Among Guardian Angels, on’s book marketing services

- Date added: November 4, 2009

The Beautiful Swan “ is an aggressive marketer and I believe their services could help with the promotion of our book.”

- David Wood, co-author of the book The Beautiful Swan, on the factors that made him market their book using’s Email Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: February 5, 2010

Dr. Imad Fawzi Shueibi “I found you were really cooperative and I liked your ideas of promoting books.”

- Dr. Imad Fawzi Shueibi, author of the books How a Female Thinks & Male and Female Collision, on the factors that made her market her book using’s Email Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: October 27, 2009

Marilyn Mueller “Ease of access to people around the world… (with) excellent professional layouts and excellent service and ease of communication.”

- Marilyn Mueller, author of the book ONE = INFINITY, on the factors that made her market her book using’s Email Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: October 6, 2009

Elizabeth Clayton “A representative called, and I was pleased with the plan he presented to advertise my book… I was most pleased with the write-up and overall layout of my book (ad). I could not have done better myself.”

- Elizabeth Clayton, author of the book SONGS FROM THE ELEVENTH MONTH, on the factors that made her market her book using’s Email Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: October 30, 2009

John H. Caithness “…perhaps the highest reference would be to urge others to take advantage of the opportunity to use BookWhirl(.com) for their skillful marketing.”

- John H. Caithness, author of REVENGE DENIED, after working with’s Marketing Representative and experiencing’s Marketing Services

- Date added: August 19, 2009

Steven R. Lundin “I am more than pleased. I would recommend BookWhirl(.com) to anyone trying to reach a market.”

- Steven R. Lundin, author of SHOOTING AN ALBATROSS, on how pleased he is with’s overall service

- Date added: September 25, 2009

Teens and The Job Game “I always want to make sure that a company I’m dealing with, and sending money to, is legitimate. In fact, I checked on Bookwhirl(.com) with the Better Business Bureau. After that, once I started speaking with the staff, I felt that the company was honest… The opportunity to e-mail thousands of potential buyers at much less the cost of my self-publishing company.”

- Beverly Slomka, author of Teens and The Job Game, on the factors that made her market her book using’s Email Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: September 9, 2009

Tom Graneau “Yes, I am very pleased with your services. Jay Smith was superbly helpful throughout the process… Great service at an excellent price…”

- Tom Graneau, author of Renters Win, Home Owners Lose, on’s book marketing services and his assigned fulfillment officer

- Date added: August 25, 2009

Carol Henson Keesee “Overall, I thought the price for the campaign was excellent and will consider purchasing other campaigns from BookWhirl(.com) in the near future.”

- Carol Henson Keesee, author of THE ANGRY THUNDERSTORM, on’s book marketing services

- Date added: August 27, 2009

Frances Sydnor Tehie “I think BookWhirl(.com) does a good job of trying to provide media release campaigns for self-published authors. The publishing business is very tough these days. I have found working with your customer service representatives very helpful. Jay Smith, who is assigned to this account, is very prompt with feedback and very courteous and professional.”

- Frances Sydnor Tehie, author of OR CALL IT HOPE, on’s Media Release Campaign and overall services

- Date added: October 1, 2009

Greg Pierce “Fear of the unknown. You led me by the hand and gained my confidence.”

- Greg Pierce, author of Sheep in the Fold, on his hesitations with’s services and how overcame it

- Date added: October 28, 2009

Clarence G. Oliver, Jr “Excellent representative who was prompt and efficient in responding to every question and in providing requested action.”

- Clarence G. Oliver, Jr., author of Tony Dufflebag, on’s assigned fulfillment officer

- Date added: July 26, 2009

Arnie Zimbelman “I'm very happy with the overall design of the website…”

- Arnie Zimbelman, author of Recompense: Return to Oberammergau, on’s Web Design Service

- Date added: March 3, 2009

Annette C. Billie “Very satisfied”

- Annette C. Billie, author of History of Evans Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church: A Chronicle of Events, on’s Online Directory Listing

- Date added: June 1, 2009

Amanda’s Toybox “I loved the layout (and) design. I got the "copy" in the mail yesterday…love the bright colors”

- Dwana Horner, author of Amanda’s Toybox, on’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: April 28, 2009

Miller Caldwell “Excellent”

- Miller Caldwell, author of Have You Seen My... Umm... Memory?, on’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: May 11, 2009

Frederick Kent “The service provided by was very good…Layout of (the) advertisement was excellent”

- Frederick Kent, author of Genes De Large: An Alaskan Diary and Memoir, on his assigned Marketing Consultant and’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: January 27, 2009

Terry Gogna “Excellent”

- Terry Gogna, author of How can I get myself to do what I need to do?, on the service provided by his Marketing Services Representative

- Date added: June 10, 2009

Elmer Koneman “In this final analysis, the ( service has been very good.”

- Elmer Koneman, author of Worms, Wonders, and Woes, on’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: June 23, 2009

H.D. Brinkmeyer “…because of her total friendliness, patience and complete understanding of my needs and her product I could not resist getting involved. She must be a great (asset) to your business.”

- H.D. Brinkmeyer, author of Why I Believe in God by John Doe, on’s Web Design Service and his Marketing Services Representative

- Date added: April 23, 2009

Miki Sommer “Excellent!”

- Miki Sommer, author of Elusive Love, on the service provided by her Marketing Services Representative

- Date added: July 21, 2009

Thalia Cayetano “It’s excellent! Nothing more, nothing less. It is superbly written… I am very pleased with the design and layout of the advertisement. It is striking and interesting.”

- Thalia Cayetano, author of Heart-Warming Stories of Love and Miracles, on’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: August 14, 2009

Donna Mitchelson “I am very pleased…”

- Donna Mitchelson, author of The Restoration of Bridgton and Saco River Stream Locomotive #7, Part 1, on’s overall service

- Date added: August 10, 2009

Stephen Prins “It is very appealing to look at. Great job!”

- Stephen Prins, author of Save That Man, on’s E-mail Advertisement Campaign

- Date added: August 5, 2009

Patricia Hiser “Cost, targeted market, ease of campaign, friendly customer service, (and) willingness to split payments…”

- Patricia Hiser, author of My Kind Of Man, on the factors that made her market her book using’s Media Release Campaign

- Date added: July 20, 2008
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