Self-Publishing Success: Top Keys [Infographic]

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Self-Publishing Success Top Keys
Top keys towards reaching self-publishing success underline the vital elements and the right attitude an author should possess. These keys depend not on the luck but on the hard work, investment, the quality of the book, the right disposition, and the authors’ distinctive marketing strategies.

Put your heart in it

Engaging yourself in self-publishing world is tougher than what you might have thought. It may take longer time before you can find success; so don’t rush things out. Invest your high interest and passion until accomplishments happen as expected.

Assure quality for your book

Numerous authors nowadays have become more concerned on how they promote their books than writing good quality of books. What they have missed to ponder on is that readers and prospect buyers do invest their money for high-quality books which speak of topics they can relate to.

Invest time and money

Success in self-publishing isn’t similar to your luck gained in playing the lottery. You need to invest your time in order to reach that goal line. There are just so much to consider before your book can be published such as design, acquiring of ISBN, copyright, copyediting, and formatting.

And because you decide to self-publish, you know that you have to invest both your time and money, especially when you deal with book professionals along the way. They can help you do more things necessary for your book.

Do a marketing plan ahead

The earlier you can think of strategy to successfully promote your book; the better. Your plans on how and where to market your book can help you write a better manuscript. Knowing who your prospect readers are will carefully guide you to the kind of content you are writing, and of course will be important for your book marketing.

Hire professionals

If you’re serious about your book then hire book professionals who can surely help you with some tactics beyond your knowledge; especially with technical designs and copyediting of your book. Successful self-published author, Rachel Abbott hired not just one editor but two professional editors for her book, “Only the Innocent,” and now she’s getting the payoff of her book’s success in self-publishing.

Promote your book

There is nothing more satisfying than to see your book getting a name in the market. And in self-publishing, you have no limits to start doing it—book marketing. According to Mike Michalowicz, author of the top-selling book, The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field, the recipe for success is to take the attitude that “publishers don’t market you at all, and that’s your job as an author.

Grab every opportunity you can while creating your book

When you decide to self-publish, many companies, professional editors, formatters, and designers would show up and claim they can be of help to your needs. Research them thoroughly! The Internet is a free resource which will aid you greatly in selecting what will suit your needs and preferences.

Move outside of your comfort zone

It is not compulsory that you play the polite in a huge market. Given the time the publishing and marketing of your book is in progress, you can’t just sit by idly and wait for the result. Get out of the traditional box of waiting because you are self-publishing your work.