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The Adventures of Toby Bear

The Adventures of Toby Bear

Author: Kim Lake-Seibert
Price: $2.99
Page: 26
Genre: Children's
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Toby Bear is a loveable puppy. Everybody loves Toby bear! But Toby Bear can get into trouble. Check out the funny things that Toby Bear does and you will love him too.
About the author
Kim lives in a small town in Washington State. She has been teaching for many years and has and shared many of her childhood stories and her adventures with her dogs with her students and staff that she worked with. This is her first published story. Kim loves to do photography, swimming and go for drives to explore a new place. She would often take the dogs on road trips for an adventure. This book is about one of the animals that she rescued and the true adventures she had with Toby Bear.
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