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e-conversion service

Terms and Policies

Pricing and Payment Terms has the right to adjust any part of the Pricing and Payment Terms at any time, and authors who have availed of the service will be informed 30 days prior to the effective date.

The publisher will have permanent 100% royalties.

The publisher will be responsible to set a price list for each e-Book. However, the publisher should abide the following guidelines:

  1. The price should not be greater than the e-Book’s List Price at any other retailer, online stores, or sales channel.
  2. The price should not be greater than the e-book’s print version. pays royalties quarterly. Payments will only be made in those quarters in which the amount due to you totals at least $50. Unpaid amounts due will accrue until the next quarter in which the amount due is at least $50. Payment will be in the form you select when you register for the Service, or as subsequently updated as permitted by the Service.

Content Policy

All publishers who are connected to are obliged to comply with the Content Policy. may update or alter the Content Policy at any time. We encourage the publishers to check for updates as in your whole period of continued use of the service. has the right to decide, at its discretion, whether or not your e-Book is liable for violation or complaint with the Content Policy, including but not limited to your e-Book file, cover image, product data, and other specifics. Furthermore, the publisher is responsible for knowing and abiding all local, national, and international laws concerning publishing content that are relevant to the publisher or the business.

e-Book contents should not contain any hint of the following subjects: illegal, libelous, infringing, offensive, harmful or potentially harmful, threatening, legally obscene, defamatory or intentionally hateful in any regard.

Submitting or posting any of the following content in your e-Book file, cover image, product data, or in any other specifics, may result to the complete removal of the said content and/or termination of your account:

Advertisements: Contents within your e-Book that primarily or subtlety persuades to sell a product other than the e-Book itself.

Copyright Infringing: Contents to which that you are not authorized or do not own the copyright, or the right to distribute.

Libelous Material: Any content that intentionally harms or has the potential to harm an individual or a third party’s reputation.


Publishers should agree to receive promotions and updates through e-mail, newsletters, and calls from

e-Bookshelf Submissions

Authors who wish to avail of the e-Bookshelf should have the necessary ISBN/s for their e-Book submissions.

Available Formats for e-Bookshelf

Final download formats for the e-Bookshelf will be available in the following formats: .pdf, .epub, and Kindle.

Product Data

This information includes the specific description of your e-Book. It is also subject to our Content Policy. Please be reminded that the following data points that are not allowed in your Product Data are the following:

  • Hyperlinks of any kind
  • Stating of e-mail addresses
  • Any form of request for action
  • Contact information for the author or publisher
  • Advertisements or promotional materials reserves the right to make adjustments or amends to the Content Policy at any time without notice or liability. These terms were published last May 31, 2011.

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