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He observed history for over 52 years. He spent summers in the Aleutian Islands. He enjoyed wilderness-living in the Arctic during fall. And now he shares this to all in his fascinating and educational autobiography, Genes De Large.

Author Fred Kent’s diary contains his life at Chandalar Lake, Alaska, where his son-in-law and a family friend helped him built a cabin in the fall of 1991. Since then, when autumn comes, he and his wife spend a month in that cabin – and all their activities during 1994-1998 are all penned down in this diary.

What make this book really endearing are the historic quotes, poems, or memoirs, every end of each diary entry. From Alaska history, archaeology, native education, drama, and a good dose of humor, Genes De Large is surely an engaging reading treat. Whether you’re an Alaskan, hunter, fisherman, hiker, outdoor enthusiast, or an avid reader of real adventures, this book is definitely a must-read for you.

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