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With Worms, Wonders and Woes, author Elmer W. Koneman shares several amazing stories and parodies that attempt to change the way we think about parasites, venturing into a much neglected—but infinitely fascinating—realm of existence beyond mundane and everyday activities.

From expeditions to the North Pole to the rain forests of the Amazon, from the Basque pastures of California to the 1893 Century of Progress exhibition in Chicago, and from “20 Leagues Under the Sea” adventures with Captain Nemo to the worm, Schistosoma hematobium, the life cycles of 10 parasites are brought to life in juxtaposition with related heroic journeys of humans with whom they interact.

Thoroughly and minutely entertaining Worms, Wonders and Woes emphasizes the importance of “deep ecology” and shows several  scenarios in which parasites  may infest and cause disease, often because of human behaviors and practices that promote the replication and virulence of parasites that interrupt their otherwise non-threatening existence in nature. © 2009. Yen Chen Support Corp © 2009.