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Do episodes of memory loss despair you? Are you frequently embarrassed at not being able to remember someone’s name?

If so, then Have You Seen My Umm… Memory? by Miller Caldwell is not only going to amuse and entertain you, but will provide you with many serious tips and self-help exercises that will help you train your brain all over again!

Caldwell explains, for example, how sharp thinking and reasoning skills are unaffected by short-term memory decline. He also narrates his diagnosed condition of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and the frustration he felt at having to retire early because of short-term memory loss.

Along with many helpful tips on how to overcome memory loss, Caldwell also recalls humorous anecdotes from his fascinating life experiences, including how he almost married the wrong woman!

Presented in a delightful and straightforward format, Have You Seen My Umm… Memory? will give much needed encouragement to improve your memory skills to deal effectively with forgetfulness. © 2009. Yen Chen Support Corp © 2009.