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Inspiring, touching, and stirring, these beautiful and Heart-warming Stories of Love and Miracles will set your heart ablaze.  If you haven’t yet loved today, then this book will set your heart to love.

This compilation of true-to-life stories personally experienced or witnessed by author Thalia Cayetano and her mother JC Narag will show you the many instances when God gave His love and protection to those who love Him, trust Him, and have faith in Him.  Real stories of values, love, faith, and compassion are shared in the pages of this book.  It speaks of God and His unceasing love; it talks about experiences—big or small—that manifest and recognize God as the source of love and goodness.

Heart-warming Stories of Love and Miracles can also be used for meditation.  It inspires everyone to strive to see and experience love, peace, and joy amidst a difficult and materialistic world.

Sales from this book benefit a charitable foundation, “Love of Vicentica,” organized by the author to help the less fortunate in the Philippines and Haiti.

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