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“As an educator I read this story thinking of all the possibilities of how this book could be used as a "mentor text". Besides being a fun story about the angry thunderstorm in the night the other possibilities it can easily lend itself to are: teaching personification, visualization (the vocabulary is rich), science facts about thunderstorm (characteristics, benefits), and what makes us afraid. Loved the book.” – Emily Cayuso, San Antonio, TX (


Every parent that has ever comforted their child in the midst of a thunderstorm will cherish this inspired book by author, Carol Henson Keesee.  The Angry Thunderstorm rolls into a child’s world in the middle of the night awakening her with a fright.  The whipping wind.  The crackling thunder.  The flashes of lightning.  All of these are a part of the storm’s booming and seemingly ill-tempered display.   The thunderstorm acknowledges that he sounds angry and abrupt; but these necessary elements help him to do a big job for Mother Earth.   As he explains the reasons for his misunderstood temperament, the child is reassured and understands that these things happen for a very good reason.  The vibrant and dramatic illustrations lend themselves to this captivating story taking the reader on an incredible journey from uncertainty to understanding — transforming the dreaded thunderstorm from foe to friend.  The Angry Thunderstorm is an interesting approach to a subject that is not widely written about.

Endorsed by the Reading Instruction Co.  and praised for its robust vocabulary, descriptive language and fun rhythm and rhyme, this book is great to share as a read-aloud with young children and can be used as a great educational tool in the classroom with readers of all ages to review elements of a short story and the use of personification.   

Ann B. Fiala, Founder of Reading Instruction Co., has developed a customized curriculum for The Angry Thunderstorm that includes a word study, graphic organizers and a readers’ theater.  Teachers will appreciate the Word Study of Tier Two vocabulary from the text that employ sentence stems based on reading research by Isabel Beck and colleagues.  Two completed Graphic Organizers quickly show how to assist students in understanding how specific details in this story support the main idea.  Students will enjoy reading the role of the thunderstorm, the little girl and/or the narrator in the Readers' Theater, improving fluency with this “painless practice” technique.   The curriculum is sold separately and is available through the Reading Instruction Co.

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