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Can they Save That Man

Accompany a young married man as he is picked up by a police officer, found out to be suicidal, and committed to a mental hospital.  He meets his psychiatrist who diagnoses and medicates him.  Then he is released.  Still, Daniel continues to struggle with his dark side while using his gifts and intuition to bless those around him in miraculous ways.  After a year of progress and relapses, he is found by some missionaries who talk him out of killing himself and help him see his place in this world.  Will he finally find his true worth?

Find out as you follow the harrowing story of the psychological and spiritual journey of a deeply disturbed but noble-hearted man.  Told through the eyes of a lively and memorable cast of characters, this causes you to ponder on many things including psychiatry, drug abuse and recovery, marriage, Christian beliefs, forgiveness, art, and more.    

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