“A compelling historical-fiction golf adventure...The mansions of movie makers and their plush lifestyles serve as backdrop for much of the military and golf-course action, and [Lundin] weaves this interesting theme into elements of romance and suspense...The novel's strongest points are the cleverly arranged story elements that inspire readers to uncover plot twists...An interesting...read for golf enthusiasts and suspense fan.” - Kirkus Discoveries, Nielsen Business Media

“The metaphorical title, implying eliminating a threat, begins with an Army General and Navy Admiral appointing surrogates, from the ranks, to play golf against one another. Hollywood film moguls, golf fans, and military characters are interlaced in the book’s plot. The alchemical mix is brilliantly portrayed in this literary novel, with all the elements of human emotions and actions, including friendly fire.” - The Mindquest Review of Books, Lightword Publishing

“This is a book for anyone enjoying the genre of intrigue, suspense, or romance. Lundin includes the use of comedy and the game of golf to draw the reader into a look into the past, a heartwarming story, and a madman's psyche.  Shooting an Albatross by Steven R. Lundin is a great read.” - Richard R. Blake, Reader Views, Polka Dot Reviews, Book-Critique.com

“Lundin's plot in Albatross is of literary quality, and Albatross is a study in the nature of evil, deliberating on its origin and tracking its progress through human lives as it leaves a trail of destruction and suffering, moving from one generation to another, from one life into another, like a terrible infestation poisoning all that it touches.” - The New Podler Review of Books


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A perfect blend of Titanic’s look to the past, The Notebook’s touch of the heart, and Psycho’s prick of the spine…

From author Steven Lundin comes a fast-paced, based-on-truth novel that delves into a potpourri of themes that carries you into an era gone by.  With various plots from unchecked jealousy that causes insanity; golf being an awesome sport; a sport is a welcomed distraction from WWII; Hollywood film moguls lacked little at a time when much was lacking; to sons who never knew their fathers are their own families, and more, Shooting an Albatross is a sure page-turner to anyone who enjoys suspense, romance, military, or a great round of golf.   

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