“…This is an impressive piece, in which the author's mature and confident style is clearly expressed. The exciting narrative unfolds through the use of skillfully crafted language and rich description. The school setting becomes a realistic backdrop to the mysterious and somewhat spiritual storyline…” - TW, Senior Editor


In a story that mirrors the wider human conflict between light and darkness, good and evil, treasure and trash, life and death, author Rolic Oboh weaves a fascinating and engrossing read in The Treasure Hunt.

Meet 14-year-old schoolboy Bede Olo. While the other students are watching an interesting football match, he is asleep alone in a deserted dormitory. A mysterious old man appears by his bed, makes small cuts on him without rousing him, and disappears into the forests. A little time later, when he is awoken by some school prefects, he has already changed into an old man.

Bede struggles to reintegrate with fellow students while a treasure hunt game, a diversion organized by the head boy to avoid more confusion over this incident as instructed by the head teacher, progresses. Follow Bede and the entire school as the race is set for realizing again a boy’s treasured life.

Join the characters as they finally grasp the sanctity of human life. Life is indeed a sacred treasure and The Treasure Hunt proves just that.


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