Uplifting and inspiring, this true story provides a vivid picture of a person ending up victorious and growing up To Be Somebody no matter how bad the situation he came from. If only a person keeps the faith and not lose hope, dreams do come true.

Follow author Dr. Nate Lowe as he gives his personal testimony of how he, as a young man, through strong will and determination to be successful and with the support of mentors who believed in him, overcame extraordinary obstacles to realize his dream. In his engaging memoir, he reinforces that courage and commitment are the driving forces in one’s life and that they will keep you moving forward—never allowing you to give in or give up—until you reach your destination.

Growing up on a sharecropping plantation in Mississippi without a father, the author endured physical and emotional abuse amid extreme poverty and crushing discrimination. He turned to alcohol and drugs at an early age to deaden his pain, but never lost his desire to make something of his life. He never lost sight of his dream
To Be Somebody
—a doctor who would help people develop positive attitude and change their outlook about life. He dreamed of being judged by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin. And now, he is the President and CEO of New Day Community Centers and Nate Lowe and Associates, Inc.

Indeed, he has proven that no one can determine the strength of your mind and the toughness of your heart unless you give them that control.

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