The Beautiful Swan is an enchanting story that sings the praises of internal beauty and has a moral message of cherishing true friendship.

The story begins with a swan named Gabrielle performing an embarrassing belly flop in front of the flock. Tears are hidden and the other swans gossip but luckily Gabrielle finds Buddy, a field mouse who helps her learn how to conquer her frustrating weakness. Gabrielle’s confidence grows and the Swan Queen sees her in a whole new light. She nominates Gabrielle to become a Swan Princess but the catch is that Gabrielle must turn away from Buddy and only be friends with the other swans.

Additional problems arise when man builds a storm drain on the lake’s shore that also carries litter and chemicals into the water. To make matters worse a coyote picks up Buddy’s scent and stalks him forcing Buddy to plunge into the polluted lake.

Can Gabrielle and Buddy keep their friendship? Find out in The Beautiful Swan.

This book encourages you to see beyond the surface of an individual to the entire being.

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